Infusing Aboriginal learning across Ryerson

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“Indigenous students want Indigenous content in their discipline. They want their degree in nursing or engineering or whatever it might be, and to have Aboriginal-focused content, faculty, et cetera. They’re not so interested - and never have been - in an Indigenous studies program, because they say they can get that elsewhere, which they can.”

Cyndy Baskin, Chair, Aboriginal Education Council and Professor of Social Work, Ryerson University

Infusing Aboriginal learning across Ryerson

Integrating Aboriginal knowledge and perspectives into curriculums is a priority for universities across Ontario. At Ryerson University, the Aboriginal Education Council plays a vital role in this work by helping infuse Aboriginal content and curriculum across all university programs. With the support of the Aboriginal Education Council programs including criminology image arts, journalism, nutrition and sociology have incorporated Aboriginal knowledge.

The Aboriginal Education Council also supports student research, provides funding for professional development programs, and encourages the hiring of staff, all as part of Ryerson’s commitment to creating a welcoming environment for Indigenous students.