Imagining new mental health supports through entrepreneurship
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Hoping to increase access to mental-health therapy and make it more affordable, social entrepreneurs from OCAD University’s Imagination Catalyst incubator designed a digital platform called TranQool. The tool allows users to connect with licensed therapists from  home through secure video chats, and access online resources such as cognitive behavioral therapy assignments, thought diaries, goal identification for therapy, and a daily emotional tracker. The tool was recently acquired by Employee Assistance Program provider HumanaCare, giving many more Canadians access to virtual health-care help.

“[Belonging to Imagination Catalyst] means we have access to a pool of highly creative people inside OCAD U as well as an external network. This has helped us build a truly human-centric product. An added benefit has been the ability to access the level of mentorship and training we need to build our business on a solid foundation.”
Chakameh Shafii
Co-Founder and CEO of TranQool
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