Mobilizing community partnerships

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“We have learned that Windsor-Essex has all the expertise we need to drive discovery and solutions, we just need help finding each other to make it happen. We can help to connect people and resources and mobilize teams.”

Lisa Porter, Researcher and Executive Director, WE-Spark

Mobilizing community partnerships

To facilitate collaborative health solutions related to COVID-19, University of Windsor through the WE-Spark Health Institute, created a new online platform to strengthen community partnerships and ignite research connections to help turn ideas into reality.

The Igniting Connections Collaboration Platform allows any interested community organization to sign up online. They can identify if they have a project idea, resource, volunteers, or other needs.

The collaboration platform matches partners based on their mutual interests in order to help mobilize the community, find discoveries and solutions and help make the research connections necessary to drive advancements in health.

WE-Spark is an ongoing partnership between the University of Windsor, Windsor Regional Hospitals, and other local community groups that allows a collaborative response to health problems in the community and helps track and share information.

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