New hub connects academia and Indigenous communities
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Western University has become the hub of a provincial network of Indigenous health training guided by a Community Advisory and Elders Council, who support the program in its mission to serve community research needs and capacities. The Indigenous Mentorship Network Program (IMNP), with 13 research institutions and a team of 70 researchers, trainees and community collaborators — more than half of whom are Indigenous — aims to grow and support community-based health research and training opportunities for Indigenous trainees and researchers across Ontario.

IMNP-Ontario will provide scholarships, seed grants, webinars, research innovation and publishing opportunities to trainees, postdoctoral fellows and new investigators, while hundreds of young researchers will receive training through the program.

“We are fostering training environments that pair world-class researchers with local knowledge, local experience, local needs and priorities.”
Chelsea Gabel
Canada Research Chair in Indigenous Wellbeing, Community Engagement and Innovation at McMaster University
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