Nursing students gain digital clinical experience in acute care
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‘Hands-on’ experience with patients is crucial for nursing students, even in the midst of pandemic restrictions.

At Trent University, students are getting the clinical training they need with innovative software that uses patient Avatars – each with its own name, age, illness, and personality such as being vague, non-compliant, suspicious or worried. Students log into the program and, with the click of a button, can virtually wash their hands and provide patient privacy by pulling back the hospital curtain. They then treat Avatars as real patients by introducing themselves, taking medical histories, assessing psychomotor skills, administering medications and resolving any conflicts and ethical issues.

Giving nursing students clinical experience in treating adults requiring acute care will help the next generation of nurses to give the best care possible.

For more information, visit Trent University.

“It’s as close to ‘hands-on’ as we can safely be at this time. These programs allow our students to build competence and confidence by putting theory into practice as well as learn critical bedside manner skills – something you can’t get from a textbook.”
John Corso
Instructor and Registered Nurse, University of Trent
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