OCAD University’s Centre for Emerging Artists and Designers
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The Centre for Emerging Artists and Designers (CEAD) at OCAD supports the early-career advancement of all students and recent alumni.

Through this centre, the Experiential Learning Program (ELP) offers facilitated learning experiences, a variety of skill-building resources, and meaningful, practical opportunities. Students are encouraged to pursue opportunities that place them in real-world situations offered in partnership with cultural organizations, industry, community service agencies, and creative producers. The ELP facilitates and supports these for-credit learning placements, which largely take the form of work-integrated, service-based, and collaborative opportunities.

In partnership with the Toronto Market Corporation, eight senior photography students exhibited their work at the Union Station Holiday Market, receiving a production honorarium from CEAD in order to professionally mount their work. In tandem with the exhibition, many more students from the photography and publications programs sold prints in a designated retail space with more than 30 vendors and partners, bringing in nearly $3,000 through their entrepreneurial efforts. This opportunity provided students with the experience of exhibiting their work to, and interacting with, a diverse public in one of Canada’s most highly-trafficked commuter spaces.

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