Ontario Tech Talent initiative bridges the skills gap

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“The Ontario Tech Talent Initiative will be of significant help to small- and medium-sized enterprises with their skills training needs. I also see the incredible value to large enterprises―all enterprises face the challenge of recruiting and retaining employees who have the evolving skills sets employers need.”

Dietmar Reiner, Board Member, Ontario Tech University and Senior Vice-President, Enterprise Projects at Ontario Power Generation

Ontario Tech Talent initiative bridges the skills gap

Co-creating programs with industry and community partners helps students become, and remain, jobready. It also helps alumni and community members remain current in the ever-changing job market by providing required reskilling and upskilling. 

Ontario Tech University created Ontario Tech Talent with that in mind. The program works with students and employers to assess skills gaps and develop flexible programming tailored to the evolving needs of learners and employers. This includes verifiable credentials and stackable micro certifications that demonstrate proficiency in a set of essential skills.  

Ontario Tech Talent gives students and new graduates opportunities to enhance their job readiness and improve employment prospects.  

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