Open-source software provides scalable online education solutions
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In an effort to provide effective digital tools to educators around the world, BigBlueButton, an open-source educational software created at Carleton University, released its latest version the day COVID-19 was classified a pandemic, to help institutions scale up their digital programming.

As the pandemic started to take effect and learning shifted online, BigBlueButton’s social media forums became overloaded with hundreds of messages. In the first week of April, the global go-to software for open-source virtual classrooms was downloaded 17,000 times within 48 hours. The tool has proven valuable in helping academics transition to online learning, helping facilitate real-time classes, seminars and office hours.

From elementary to vocational, BigBlueButton has been adopted at all school levels, integrated into the leading learning management systems and downloaded by institutions around the globe.

To learn more, visit Carleton University.

“BigBlueButton enables online education all over the world.”
Steven Muegge
Professor of Entrepreneurship at the Sprott School of Business and director of the TIM program
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