Partnering to ensure safe and sustainable local drinking water
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University of Guelph researchers will help to ensure safe, sustainable drinking water for Wellington County’s growing population through groundwater studies to be funded by almost $11 million from the federal government and local government and industry partners.

The new funding will enable U of G investigators monitoring local bedrock aquifer wells to learn more about groundwater and its interaction with surface water – information that will ultimately help the City of Guelph and nearby municipalities manage resources more sustainably, said engineering professor Beth Parker.

“I am thrilled to see that funding is being applied for groundwater research, given that Guelph’s water supply originates from groundwater,” said Guelph MP Lloyd Longfield. “It will be helpful to further this research, including cold geothermal heating and cooling of buildings in our downtown, and apply these studies to other communities in Canada, including our First Nations.”

To learn more about the initiative, visit the University of Guelph.

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