Partnering to increase the safety of first responders
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A York University research team has partnered with a signal, image and data processing company Airborne Underwater Geophysical Signals (AUG Signals Ltd.) and secured $2.2 Million in funding to undertake a radar-based roadway safety project.

The project will address an urgent need. Annually, a significant number of first responders are killed or injured attending to roadway emergencies. While many factors present dangers, such as poor weather, impaired driving and speeding, it is believed that most casualties can be avoided if the first responders were better equipped to detect the threat of oncoming vehicles and warn them before a collision.

The objective of this three-year, collaborative project titled “ARGUS: Radar-based All-Weather Roadway Safety System,” is to demonstrate an effective and affordable all-weather solution to increase roadway safety for first responders. The direct involvement of first responders from York Regional Police, and traffic safety and emergency response experts from York University, is crucial to its success.

To learn more about the project, visit York University.

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