Partnering with municipalities to launch new community projects
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As the City of Sault Ste. Marie begins to revitalize its downtown core, a partnership with Algoma University is helping support and implement municipal projects that are enhancing safety, waste management and youth retention in the local community. 

The partnership, CityStudio Sault Ste. Marie, aims to help enhance collaboration between the city and the university, as well as provide students with work-integrated learning experience while helping the city launch new projects. 

One student-led project focused on increasing visibility in the city’s downtown core to create safer spaces by installing light boxes designed by local artists. Students led the project, writing the initial proposal and coordinating with key stakeholders. 

Additional projects students are supporting, include climate change mitigation, addressing youth outmigration, developing year-round arts and culture festivals and a waste management app, and helping transform city parks into cross-cultural, inclusive, accessible and age-friendly areas. 

Through these opportunities, students are developing critical soft skills, such as creativity and communication, and gaining valuable experience as they prepare to enter the local workforce. 

For more information, visit Algoma University. 

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