Powering the new economy through AI
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Artificial intelligence can increase efficiencies and vastly improve decision-making processes by analyzing large amounts of data. It is seen as an engine for productivity and economic growth, which is why University of Toronto is committed to the knowledge, creation and use of AI, placing the province at the cutting edge of this globally important technology and some of the top leaders and startups in AI. Programs at the university develop talent in AI and result in made-in-Ontario products, services and start-ups, strengthening Ontario’s position around the globe.

Artificial neural networks and deep learning was pioneered by Geoffrey Hinton at U of T– shaping and influencing today’s AI industry. Hinton continues this work at the Vector Institute, along with the world’s best minds in machine learning and artificial intelligence, attracting attention and investment to the city. For example, Ross Intelligence, a U of T AI start-up with a presence in Silicon Valley, established their research and development headquarters in Toronto, rather than a U.S. location, due to the favourable business environment along with ready access to the university’s graduates and ecosystem.

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“We are attracted to the talent at U of T and the very well-known research activities by the faculty. To us, it’s really about the ecosystem– the talented students and faculty, the startups and entrepreneurship culture.”
Fengmin Gong
Head of DiDi Labs, Silicon Valley
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