Printing face shields and masks for frontline workers
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To help battle the shortage of medical supplies during the COVID-19 pandemic, Ryerson University has teamed up with Toronto General Hospital to design and prototype different types of face shields and masks.

Using equipment at the university’s Creative Technology Lab, the team is using laser cutters and 3-D printers to make the prototypes. It currently has the capacity to develop upwards of 75 3-D-printed headpieces, 350 casted headpieces and 425 laser-cut plastic shields per day.

The face shields are tested at Toronto General. The lab hopes to begin working with more hospitals.

For more information, visit Ryerson University.

“Periods of crisis really clarify how health and education are essentially inseparable. The fact that we could mobilize our project so quickly was in large part because we could rapidly find a pool of highly skilled volunteers who offered their time.”
Azad Mashari
Staff Anaesthesiologist and Director of the Lynn and Arnold Irwin Advanced Perioperative Imaging Lab, Toronto General Hospital
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