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Woman practicing mindfulness and wellness techniques

“When you have all this extra time alone, it’s easy to ruminate. Meditation teaches us to let go of that and work with negative thoughts and how we react to stress. We learn new patterns of responding and that’s where we begin to see transformation.”

Pamela Rudolph, Mindfulness and meditation specialist at Trent Athletics Centre

Providing access to wellness online

As communities grapple with adapting to new ways of daily living through the COVID-19 pandemic, finding time for wellness and ways to manage mental health are more important than ever.

To help the Trent University community come together to find balance, as they adapt to social distancing and virtual work and learning environments, Pamela Rudolph, a mindfulness and meditation specialist at the Trent Athletics Centre, is taking her weekly mindful and meditation drop in class online.

Trent students, faculty, staff, and their supporters, can access a daily guided meditation to de-stress and bring mindfulness. These sessions are grounded in therapeutic background with a focus on neuroscience, using mediation to strengthen interpersonal relations and enhance one’s ability to learn.

To learn more visit Trent University.