Removing barriers to online education

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“As the situation was unfolding globally, we quickly pulled together teaching continuity resources and guidelines for the winter term. Our focus was on enabling students to finish their courses or to graduate.”

Susan Ferguson, Director of Teaching and Learning and oversees the Faculty & Curriculum Development Centre (FCDC), OCAD University

Removing barriers to online education

Despite already having had access to laptops with art and design software, many OCAD University students were still challenged by unreliable internet, financial hardship and in the case of international students, different time zones, as they transitioned to remote education during the pandemic. In response, OCAD launched a coordinated and accelerated strategy to help students succeed.

To support the transition, the university initiated a cross-department collaboration between the Faculty and Curriculum Development Centre and IT Services and quickly transitioned to cloud-based storage and collaboration tools.

They created a series of workshops for faculty, focused on the fundamentals of teaching and learning during COVID-19, emphasizing asynchronous learning, flexibility regarding assignments and ensuring learning was accessible to all students to facilitate the completion of the winter 2020 semester.

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