Sharing insights about loneliness and isolation in response to COVID-19
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To respond to pandemic-induced loneliness, Nipissing University is helping to build a better understanding of how people around the world are managing.

Mary Pat Sullivan, Nipissing Professor of Social Work is part of a team with the International Loneliness and Isolation research NetworK that is working to understand how people are coping with social isolation. It’s a joint effort by The Institute of Public Health, Ulster University, Trinity College Dublin, Maynooth University, St James’ Hospital Dublin, Brunel, Boston College, Columbia University, George Mason University, University of Auckland & Swansea University, NORC at the University of Chicago, Brigham Young University, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, and University of California, San Francisco.

Together, their findings will strengthen our ability to respond to loneliness by sharing knowledge and building connections.

For more information, visit Nipissing University.

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