Small molecule, potentially huge impact

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Travis Duddy

“I’ve always been of the philosophy that you’ve got to grow your own people. By being able to have this relationship with Brock, we’re investing in the future, in future employees, really.”

John Fulton, Pharmaceutical Consultant and Quercetin Project Partner, Biolyse

Small molecule, potentially huge impact

A naturally occurring molecule found in fruit and vegetables might mitigate – or even prevent – COVID-19 infections. Brock University researchers are investigating quercetin, which is associated with a reduction of risk for heart disease, cancer and degenerative brain disorders. 

 Chemistry Professor Travis Dudding is experimenting with methods for boosting the quercetin’s power so that it can be more effective in preventing COVID-19 from entering human cells. With funding from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada, Brock and Biolyse Pharma Corporation have formed a research partnership that aims to create a treatment. 

The goal is to manufacture a made-in-Canada molecule that can prevent COVID-19 infections here and around the world.  

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