Sterilizing masks using UV light technology

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“I saw in some cases that health care personnel have had to use the same masks for one week. Instead of wearing a mask for that long, every six hours they could put their masks in this device for disinfection. It’s much safer than not doing anything.”

Siamak Elyasi, Associate Professor

Sterilizing masks using UV light technology

To help health-care workers extend the life of personal protective equipment, a Lakehead University professor created a mask sterilizing device that enables health-care professionals to clean and reuse their N95 masks using UV light technology.

Dr. Siamak Elyasi, an Associate Professor in Chemical Engineering used a 3D printer and available materials to create a simple prototype that can clean two masks at a time and is seeking collaborators to help establish the required UV dosage to kill COVID-19. He estimates that the device can disinfect any type of mask in around 20 minutes.

To date, the research has received $10,000 in grant funding from the university towards the cost of building the device. Once they can show the effectiveness of the prototype, they will create a larger device that can clean five to 10 masks at a time.

To learn more, visit Lakehead University.