Students take action to help Syrian youth
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After taking Wilfrid Laurier University Professor Gavin Brockett’s seminar on Israel-Palestine and courses on global conflict and humanitarianism, students were inspired to take action.

They formed International Students Overcoming War (ISOW) Laurier to provide full scholarships to students whose lives are disrupted by violent conflict.

“Students today are well aware of global conflicts and they want to learn more about the people who must live in the midst of these conflicts and to respond in a meaningful way,” said Brockett.

ISOW Laurier funded two female students in partnership with Daughters for Life Foundation, then partnered with Jusoor Syria, an organization that connects Syrian youth with scholarships, to sponsor four female Syrian students to study at Laurier.

“Through this partnership initiative, they are helping to save the intellectual capital of Syria,” said Al Zaibak, co-founder and Jusoor board member. “These students are going to be graduating and applying what they have learned to rebuild their country; they are going to become the future leaders of Syria.”

“We know that Laurier students benefit just as much from engaging in this initiative as the students we sponsor. It is a powerful educational opportunity for which we are all grateful.”
Gavin Brockett, Wilfrid Laurier University Professor
Laurier students sponsor Syrian youth

International Students Overcoming War (ISOW) at Wilfrid Laurier University provides full scholarships to students whose lives are disrupted by violent conflict. 

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