Supported studying to finish the term successfully
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Helping students remain focused and productive in today’s new online environment is the idea behind Queen’s University’s week-long ‘Get it Done’ event.

The program is a day-long in-person group event held during what is typically considered the busy and stressful end-of-semester period.

Student Academic Success Services has transformed the initiative into a full week of remote group study sessions, peer writing assistant workshops, and Q&As with professors to discuss productivity, accountability, and steps to receiving academic support.

The goal is to help students finish their terms successfully and set them up for academic and personal growth.

For more information, visit Queen’s University.

“With many of us feeling isolated during the pandemic, finding new ways to develop communities is crucial. We knew we had to find a great alternative to the way Get it Done normally runs."
Ian Garner
Academic Skills Outreach Coordinator and Queen’s Student, Academic Success Services
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