Supporting innovations in community mental health through entrepreneurship
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As Ontario continues to welcome new residents from around the world, ensuring access to the resources and supports they need will help them thrive. In support of this community need, students at Ryerson University developed Savyn – a free, digital tool to help new Canadians with post-traumatic stress disorder heal and build resiliency by connecting them with mental health resources.

As an emerging innovation in the mental health space, Savyn has received support from Ryerson’s Zone Learning program to help bring the start-up from concept to reality. The start-up is currently incubated in three of Ryerson’s 10 zone incubator programs: the Biomedical Zone, Social Venture Zone and the Ryerson Venture Zone. Each zone provides entrepreneurs with spaces to brainstorm or build their start-up in addition to tailored one-on-one mentorship from experts across industries.

The team is also working alongside university researchers at the University of Toronto to help develop key features of the platform and enhance overall user experience.

For more information, visit Ryerson University.

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