Supporting the call for a zero emissions future

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Project Arrow

“Project Arrow is an exciting initiative that provides Ontario Tech University with the opportunity to showcase its research expertise in automotive engineering, autonomous vehicles and electrification systems, and advanced manufacturing 4.0. It reflects the immense value the university places on industry partners including especially members of Canada’s Automotive Parts Manufacturers’ Association.”

Dr. Les Jacobs, Vice-President, Research and Innovation, Ontario Tech University

Supporting the call for a zero emissions future

Producing a made-in-Canada, zero-emissions vehicle can help balance climate change realities against our need for transport.

Ontario Tech University is playing a key role in the Automotive Parts Manufacturers’ Association plans for Project Arrow, a zero-emission concept vehicle to be designed, engineered and built by the automotive supply sector and postsecondary institutions. Engineering specifications and aerodynamic testing to convert Project Arrow designs into real products will be headquartered at Ontario Tech. Its tools include a climatic wind tunnel, a single-belt moving ground plane for aerodynamic development, and thermal testing capability.

Project Arrow can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and mitigate climate change impacts.

For more information, visit Ontario Tech University.