Training Ontario’s cybersecurity workforce

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Training Ontario’s cybersecurity workforce

As cyberattacks become more and more sophisticated, Ontario will need a highly skilled cybersecurity workforce to manage these threats. The University of Ottawa, in partnership with IBM Canada, created Cyber Range – a cybersecurity and safety hub – to train students in data analytics, deep learning, ethics and law to help fight these attacks.

The Cyber Range will provide students with access to a fully immersive, interactive and work-integrated learning facility that will strengthen their cybersecurity training and safety. Working collaboratively with the global IBM Security Cyber Range Team in planning, designing and content delivery, the Cyber Range will allow users to run a suite of cyberattack and cyber threat simulations to enhance response readiness.

Over the next five years, IBM will invest $21 million in in-kind services to the Cyber Range to help support and build Ontario’s skilled cybersecurity workforce across academia, government and industry.

For more information, visit the University of Ottawa.