Winning designs that solve household problems
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A filtration device that can provide clean drinking water in remote communities and a childproof marijuana storage container designed by two Carleton University students have taken the top two prizes at a major international student design competition. Ben Kaufmann and Andrew Ferrier’s innovative winning designs gave them top marks among 29 design schools and 217 entries in the 2018 International Housewares Association’s 25th annual Student Design Competition.

By redesigning current household products and creating new ones, these Carleton University students are working to solve social and economic challenges that improve how Ontarians live and work.

“Carleton University can confidently say that it continues to host one of North America’s best industrial design programs, based on its holistic and user-centered philosophy that prepares designers for solving complex and meaningful problems that affect people’s lives.”
Bjarki Hallgrimsson
Director of Carleton's School of Industrial Design
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