Work experience boost for students with disabilities

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“We believe that Carleton is well placed to develop a model program in employment preparation, with the objective of moving the employment success rate of students with disabilities towards par with the general population.”

Suzanne Blanchard, Carleton University Vice-President (Students and Enrolment)

Work experience boost for students with disabilities

Students with disabilities are being paired with workplace-learning opportunities under a new initiative at Carleton University.

The university is creating the Carleton University Accessible Experiential Learning (CUAEL) project to give the students the chance to gain entrepreneurial and work experience while completing their academic studies.

A collaboration between Carleton’s Career Services Office and its Paul Menton Centre for Students with Disabilities, the CUAEL will allow for summer job opportunities, internships and part-time job opportunities throughout the academic year.

The project is being supported by a $800,000 grant from the provincial government’s Career Ready Fund.

The project will provide participating employers in the greater Ottawa region with incentives to offer experiential learning opportunities to undergraduate and graduate students registered with the Paul Menton Centre, where programs are helping Carleton students with disabilities to graduate at a rate on par with the population as a whole.