Supporting Ontario’s International Students

As vital members of our communities, Ontario’s universities are supporting international students to ensure their success. Our universities and local regions continue to be enriched by students who come from across the globe and are providing them with a high-quality education and a positive student experience.

Ontario’s universities are committed to following a series of leading practices that help ensure international students have the best possible experience enrolling in attending and applying to an Ontario university. Universities are committed to:

  • Following leading practices related to the management of international students recruitment agents, including:
        • Comprehensive due diligence for all education agent engagement, including reference checks, criminal record checks, language certificates and office/marketing audits.
        • Formal written contracts with clear expectations for both parties, including rules around: the agent’s agreements with students and sub-agents; relationships and representation of institutions; consequences of misrepresentation; commissions practices; rules against student “poaching;” sub-agents’ practices (including training, communications and accountability); break clauses; and performance monitoring during the term of the contract.
        • Continuous, mandatory institutional training of agents from academic and professional staff, including training on the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act, and the consequences under that law of misadvising students.
        • Ongoing institutional updates to ensure agents have the most current and up-to-date information, in the form of agent portals or regular newsletters.
        • Regular institutional visits to agents, and agent conferences and/or visits to campus (if possible).
        • Transparency and easy access to institutional complaints processes for prospective students.
  • Helping international student applicants make informed choices by following leading practices in transparency and predictability regarding tuition and related cost cover the course of their program.
        • Following a code of conduct for recruitment through the Canadian Bureau for International Education (CBIE) that ensures that clear, coherent, consistent and transparent information is provided to international students, such as descriptions of tuition and other costs, promotional materials and more.
  • To better prepare students as they make their choice to live and study in Ontario, all universities have strong and transparent admissions practices in place. These leading practices promote an inclusive and rigorous application review process.

Ensuring students from around the world have the opportunity to thrive and make meaningful contributions to Ontario and its communities is a priority for Ontario’s universities. We will continue to build on our existing leading practices and supports to help ensure these students are able to reach their full potential.

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Leading Practices

Key Supports Tailored to International Students

International students play a vital role within the social and cultural fabric of Ontario. Their unique perspectives and insights from around the world help strengthen Ontario’s diversity and help enrich university campuses and our local communities.

Universities across the province offer a wide-range of key supports tailored to international students. Some of the services offered include, but are not limited to:

        • Creating an enriching student experience by offering wraparound supports, such as helping students find housing, providing immigration advice and increasing access to mental health and wellness resources. Creating inclusive learning and social environments within the campus community where all students feel welcome and engaged.
        • Providing students with tailored career supports and guidance to set them up for job-readiness and career success.
        • Ensuring students receive a high-quality education and an internationally-recognized university credential that provides them with a competitive edge on the global labour market through a robust and comprehensive quality assurance system.
        • Supporting the transition to studying and living in Ontario through orientation, peer support and access to student life and wellness resources.
        • Providing access to financial supports through scholarships and awards.
        • Aiding students with maintaining Canadian government immigration documents (Study Permit, Temporary Residence Visa).
        • Offering information on applying to work in Canada including co-op work permits, social insurance numbers, and income tax, etc.
        • Helping students explore post-graduation opportunities, including employment options.
        • Supporting students in developing positive mental health practices and maintain their overall mental health and well-being.
        • Organizing cultural and social programming that provides meaningful opportunities for connection with other students and with the surrounding community.

Additionally, universities are helping international and domestic students find housing on campus and in their local community.

        • In a 2022 survey of 16 Ontario universities conducted by the Council of Senior Administrative Officers, universities have added over 6,400 new residence spaces over the past five years. There are currently over 59,600 total residence spaces, and it is projected over 9,000 new spaces will be added over the next five years, with several universities developing plans for expansion beyond 2028.

International students play an important role in Ontario’s social and economic recovery as they continue to step up and support their local communities through volunteering, as well as boost regional economies through spending activities and filling in-demand jobs across the province.

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Supporting Ontario’s International Students

University Supports and Resources

Ontario’s universities are committed to ensuring all international students have access to the resources and supports they need to be successful throughout their studies and after they graduate – whether it’s helping them navigate their new city or find employment opportunities.

Learn more about the resources and supports available for international students across Ontario’s universities:

International Students
“I have had a lot of support over the years as an international student, so to be able to work for Brock International to support students is great. It means a lot to be able to give back to the Brock community. Now that I am part of the Global Learning team, it feels even more rewarding because I understand how impactful international learning experiences can be.”
Brian Chan, psychology graduate, Brock University
Making an Impact
by Supporting International Student Success
Connecting international students with homestay housing
Helping international students transition to life in Canada
Helping refugees access a university education