Mental health supports for incoming students
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Providing students with access to mental health resources ahead of their first day on campus can help them develop the foundational tools they need to build resiliency. To support new students, Algoma University launched a mental wellness awareness program for incoming students in partnership with Canadian health tech firm, Tailwind. 

Through Tailwind, students have access to mental health and wellness orientation training, which provides them with access to online, self-directed modules aimed at meeting the unique needs of students. The goal of the program is to help incoming students manage stress and create a deeper understanding of mental health and wellness so they can achieve their academic and personal goals throughout university. 

Algoma currently offers students unlimited access to health and wellness supports in over 150 languages, including Homewood Health, TalkCampus, Good 2 Talk and I.M Well. These supports have been integrated into Tailwind so students can easily access all mental health resources in one place. 

For more information, visit Algoma University. 

“Preparing students in advance, instead of only intervening at a time of crisis, is not only more prudent but it’s also more ethically responsible. Our program and platform enables postsecondary institutions like Algoma University to build much more resilience into their students’ lives well ahead of their first day on campus.”
Devin Golets
CEO, Tailwind
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