A brighter future for Ontario won’t just happen; together we will make it happen.

We are Ontario’s Universities and we’ve launched a conversation about how we can work together to unlock the full potential of our province’s future.


Over the last year, we embarked on a province-wide conversation. We wanted to understand what you’re concerned about and tap into your ideas and aspirations about the future. We invited many voices to join us – parents, students, business and not-for-profits, health and social service agencies, arts and culture organizations, researchers, academics, community leaders, governments and more.


Your voices informed a discussion among Ontario’s 21 publicly funded universities about how we can partner with you to create a brighter future – not just for the students we teach, but for the communities we serve and for the province we inhabit.


Ontario’s universities stand ready to help meet the demands of a changing world. Our new report, Partnering for a Better Future for Ontario, lays out a plan for how we will contribute to enabling and empowering our students, our communities and our province. Go through this website to read the report, discover what we heard over the past year, and learn about how we’re partnering to build a brighter future for Ontario. Together, we will all be future makers.

A conversation with Ontarians about the future

The challenges facing the citizens of Ontario are more complex than ever before. There is daily evidence that global trends are changing the world we have known. Disruptive technologies and artificial intelligence are forcing changes to every aspect of business and society, while demographic shifts and the impact of climate change require new ways of doing things. The pace of change is rapid and accelerating. And Ontarians are wondering how we can draw on the many talents and resources.


That’s why Ontario’s universities are creating a conversation about the future. We invite all who share an interest in the future to join the conversation. Your voices will inform a discussion about how Ontario universities can partner with you to create a brighter future – not just for the students we teach, but for the many communities we serve – for all Ontarians.


Ontario has an abundance of natural and human resources, a broad industrial base, strong institutions, cohesive social and cultural communities, and a well-educated and diverse population. Wherever we live, work or study, we often hear that we need to find ways to adapt to change, capitalize on our assets, and compete more effectively in a global economy to foster a stronger future. Ontario universities have a role to play in building

that future. We educate, expand the bounds of knowledge through research, foster entrepreneurship and contribute to community well-being and Ontario’s stature internationally.


Still, we have much to gain from understanding the perspectives of each of you.


Ontario’s success is founded on the capacity of people from many different sectors to work together to answer big questions and solve challenging problems. We invite your thoughts as we embark on this conversation.


We want to hear as many voices as possible. Because whether you’re a parent or a student; play a role in business, government, health care, the arts, or social services, or, perhaps you would describe yourself as an interested citizen – your views are important to us.


Join the conversation to create a better future. Ontario’s future is what we decide to make it.


The Presidents of Ontario’s Universities