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Partnering to Support Ontario’s Recovery: 2020-21 Pre-Budget Submission to the Ontario Government

Ontario’s universities have a vital role to play in fortifying our province and helping address the urgent needs of Ontario. Our pre-budget submission details how, through a Five-Point Plan to Support Ontario’s Recovery, government and universities can partner to tackle the priorities that are critical to Ontario’s economic growth, both now and in the future; creating a more prosperous future for our students, communities and the province.

October 16, 2020
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Partnering in the Fight Against COVID-19
Key Facts
During four recent economic recessions, Canadians with a Bachelor’s degree or higher were less than half as likely to be laid off. From February-March 2020 to March-April 2020, 7.2% of Canadians with a Bachelor’s degree or higher experienced job loss, compared to 15.1% whose educational attainment was below a Bachelor’s degree (Statistics Canada).
University graduates have a 95% employment rate after two years (2019 Ontario University Graduate Survey).
86% of current students and recent graduates in Canada said experiential learning led to an easier transition from school to a successful career (Work Integrated Learning and Post-Secondary Education: What Students Think).
Ontario's universities employ more than 100,000 people and purchase $5 billion in local goods and services each year. Our institutions have an economic impact of nearly $116 billion (Driving a Prosperous Future: Economic Analysis of the Lasting Impact of Ontario's Universities).
Making an Impact
Researchers work on developing COVID-19 vaccine
Supporting students with emergency fund
New made-in-Canada high-filtration mask for frontline workers