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“ISOW is unique because it is driven by the passion and commitment of students who readily give up hundreds of hours a year to ensure its success. In the process, they hone various skills and develop competencies that we know will help them as they move into the workforce upon graduation...Students are undertaking meaningful humanitarian action in a thoughtful and reflective manner informed by their entire undergraduate education.”

Gavin Brockett, ISOW faculty advisor and associate professor, Wilfrid Laurier University

Helping refugees access a university education

Accessing a postsecondary education can be challenging for individuals living in countries experiencing conflict. To help refugees access a university education, students at Wilfrid Laurier University launched the International Students Overcoming War (ISOW) program. 

Each year, ISOW connects eligible students with a scholarship towards studying at the university, helping them achieve their personal, academic and career goals. The program further supports students’ new start in Canada through a range of supports, such as providing living accommodations, setting up bank accounts and helping students navigate their new community.  

ISOW student organizers also gain critical skills as they apply key learnings from their courses to support students, such as taking on leadership roles in managing finances, visa processing, training and recruiting volunteers, and marketing and social media coordination. 

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