Driving Automotive Innovation
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UOIT’s ACE research facility offers state-of-the-art technology that can simulate any weather condition imaginable, allowing industry leaders, researchers, and students to create, test and validate innovations in the auto sector. Thanks to a partnership with the Ontario government and Magna International, the ACE facility is adding a Moving Ground Plane – a giant belt that acts as a road moving under a vehicle.

The Moving Ground Plane will help companies and researchers create new energy-efficient products and reduce carbon emissions in the automotive industry. Students will also have access to the facility, giving them the opportunity to learn in a high-tech environment that will prepare them for the careers of the future.

“Access to sophisticated engineering tools like this wind tunnel will enable companies like Magna to develop better passive and active aerodynamic products which reduce automobile fuel use and CO2 emissions into the environment.”
Dave Pascoe
Vice-President of Engineering and R&D, Magna International Inc.
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