Grad students help improve medical imaging and advance health care in Ontario’s North
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Thunder Bay has become a regional hub for health services in Northwestern Ontario with the sector remaining the city’s leading employer.

To help advance health care in Ontario’s North, Lakehead University is partnering with the Thunder Bay Regional Health Research Institute to develop and commercialize the next generation of medical imaging detectors that will improve patient outcomes.

The project provides training opportunities for Lakehead graduate students to work with researchers at the Health Research Institute and develop higher-quality images from the medical imaging detectors. These images could be used for clinical procedures, such as, diagnostic imaging and radiotherapy, ultimately with the aim of improving outcomes for patients in the region’s hospitals and beyond.

“This will be an amazing opportunity for our students to explore their potential while creating new medical imaging detectors that will provide higher quality images to help offer better outcomes for patients. I’m excited to begin working with our students on this important project.”
Dr. Alla Reznik
Physics professor at Lakehead University, scientist at the Health Research Institute, and Canada Research Chair in Physics of Molecular Imaging
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